Flight Operations Support

Responding to Your Evolving Airline Operational Requirements

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Flight Operations Support

  • Resolution of flight operations queries
  • Simplified practical data to the customers’ requirements
  • Offer airfield analysis – RTOW and RLW charts
  • Route analysis for marketing – sector time, fuel and payload estimates
  • Provide weight and balance systems and procedures
  • Support aircraft introduction into service

Performance Training

We in Flight Operations Support offer a 146/RJ Aircraft Performance and Dispatch course for pilots, engineers, and dispatchers. Topics covered include:

  • Review of the Flight Manual and Flight Crew Operations Manual FCOM
  • Factors governing Take-off Weight and Speed
  • Take-off Climb and Obstacle Clearance
  • Reduced Take-off Thrust
  • En-route Performance
  • Landing Performance
  • Worked examples from the Flight Manual performance charts
  • Fuel Planning examples from the FCOM

Flight Test Engineer Acvtivities

  • Flight test planning capabilities
  • Additionally we can provide generation of Flight Test Requirements

Flight Operations Integrity

  • Addressing your flight operations integrity issues across the various aircraft type fleets
  • To report any integrity issues please contact us

News & Information

2019 Flight Operations Support Conference

The 19th of March will see the next Flight Ops Conference take place in the auditorium at our Air Prestwick headquarters at Prestwick Airport with a dinner at the Western House Hotel, Ayr. There are 20 delegates from 10 operators booked in along with BAE Systems specialists. Topics will include Flight Safety and Integrity, Flight Operations, Technical Publications, Modifications and updates on simulators and narrow runway operations. The replacement of the Customer Portal iSapphire by WebX for manuals delivery will be a focus, along with the Manufacturers Module iPad solution for take-off and landing performance. The 2018 conference presentations and minutes are available on the customer portal for viewing and download, under the Events button.

The conference will be followed by our 23rd Performance Course to be given to 8 attendees from 4 operations.

Places remain available for both the conference and course, to register interest please use the contact link at the end of this page or email rafltops@baesystems.com to register your interest.


Flight Operations Performance Software


BAE Systems Air Prestwick and our collaboration partner Navblue can provide Operational Performance software for Air Prestwick types, allowing customers to produce regulated take-off and landing weight charts. Marketing software CAPECS is also available for estimating sector time, fuel burn and payload. Additionally the analysis can also be carried out using the software by us at BAE Systems Air Prestwick and the RTOW and RLW charts provided to customers as required.



Further to this, through another of BAE Systems Air Prestwick collaboration partners, PACE, the PACE CI OPS is also available. This is a flight optimisation tool which can be used to supply different speeds and flight levels hence optimising fuel efficiency and savings for the operator.


  •  JETSETS flight safety publications are available.

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