Aircraft Repair

Grounded Aircraft Do Not Make Money, They Cost You.. And Impact Your Overall Operation

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With full EASA approvals for design, engineering and manufacture, BAE Systems Air Prestwick will deliver an integrated, cost-effective aircraft repair solution supported by our supply chain optimisation to get your aircraft flying… and making money.

Minor Aircraft Repair for any Aircraft Type:

  • Classification
  • Design and substantiation
  • Approval
  • Concession repairs for un-repaired damage
  • Metallic, interiors and composites.

Major Aircraft Repair:

  • Design, substantiation and assistance toward EASA approval
  • Aircraft repair survey and assessment after major incident
  • On-site attendance
  • Damage assessment
  • Inspection report and consultancy

Aircraft Repair Kit Supply and Working Parties:

  • Supply aircraft repair kits using our EASA Part 21 G approval
  • On-site working parties to embody aircraft repairs

During an aircraft repair, if parts need to be replaced then Air Prestwick will design, substantiate certification and manufacture them.

Click here to view our approvals and accreditations.

Manufactured and Replacement Parts – Part 21 J & G Approval for all Aircraft

BAE Systems Air Prestwick develop replacement parts supported by our OEM supply chain solutions to deliver timely and cost effective replacement parts. It is worth noting that BAE Systems Air Prestwick build aircraft parts:

  • Identical to parts to be replaced.
  • Material fit with form and function
  • Using Part 21 G Approval – Release of parts with EASA Form 1

BAE Systems Air Prestwick are EASA approved to Part 21, Subparts J & G to undertake Repair Design activities on all small and large aircraft.

24/7 AOG Support Service

BAE Systems Air Prestwick provide a 24/7 AOG Support Service so you can be assured that your AOG needs will be readily available around the clock.

AOG: 8 Hours

AOGM: 24 Hours

Urgent: 5 Days

Routine: 7 Days

  • Standard service levels for fully approved repair.
  • Full RDO coverage from 07.00 – 22.15 GMT with AOG support outside these hours.
  • KPI 95% of all repairs are delivered on schedule.
  • Experience in developing over 40,000 repairs, from 1500 to 3000 repairs compiled per year.
  • Regular product training on major OEM types.

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