Traffic Collision Avoidance System

As the skies get busier, TCAS II 7.1 anti-collision software gets smarter. Now is the time to make sure you are equipped with the latest solution.

TCAS II 7.1 is Mandatory

EASA now mandates that all aircraft operating in European Airspace must be equipped with Version 7.1 of TCAS II, and other areas of the world are likely to make this requirement in the near future.

Version 7.1 makes TCAS II safer by allowing the system to reverse its call out to the pilot in the event that the threat aircraft is non-equipped or non-compliant with TCAS II, and by replacing the “Adjust Vertical Speed” Resolution Advisory to a new “Level Off” call out, making it simpler for the pilot to understand in a stressful and hazardous situation.

BAE Systems Regional Aircraft can offer a competitively priced TCAS II 7.1 upgrade solution available directly for all EASA type certified aircraft. We can also offer this upgrade for non-EASA certified aircraft, with approval obtained to meet customer demand on request.


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Our solution provides a one-stop package, providing an approved EASA design, engineering and certification capability together with installation and support for customers with aircraft already in service.

BAE Systems Regional Aircraft can provide the TCAS II 7.1 upgrade modification for any aircraft type, and have already provided kits for a variety of aircraft including the Boeing 737, Boeing 757, BAe 146, Avro RJ and BAe ATP.

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BAE Systems Regional Aircraft can help you improve the safety of your aircraft and with a TCAS II 7.1 Upgrade. If you are interested in purchasing this upgrade then please either contact us directly on +44 (0)1292 675000, use the below quick contact form or contact us by emailing

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