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As aircraft age then obsolescence management becomes a priority for aircraft operators. BAE Systems Air Prestwick provide a proactive and robust obsolescence management service to make sure that your aircraft can operate with as little effect due to obsolescence as possible through means of timely detection and delivery of solutions to help minimise impact.

Obsolescence can be defined as:

“The discontinuation or sudden unavailability of a component part from the original source of supply, due to the cessation of production, non-availability of raw materials, impacts of legislation or withdrawal of product support services.”

Unresolved obsolete part issues result in:

  • Loss of sources of supply
  • Increased costs and delayed schedules
  • Qualification of replacement parts
  • Schedule delays awaiting new parts

Proactive events:

  • Immediate detection and notification of obsolescence
  • Rapid development and delivery of all critical data needed for timely resolution of issues
  • Projection of future obsolescence and associated costs
  • Timely component resolution support

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