How We Work

Corporate Responsibility

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The successful operation of the business is due to our commitment and approach to what we do, the way we engage with each other, our customers and the local community. This philosophy of business operation is fundamental to the success of the business. The standards we currently achieve will continue to be measured to ensure that the high standards we have set ourselves and maintained.

Responsible Business Conduct

We continue to encourage an environment where employees feel able to raise concerns and challenge decisions. Working in a demanding competitive environment with a global customer base can raise some unique challenges, and we must ensure that we make the responsible decisions without compromise.

Diversity and Inclusion

A diverse workforce, with employees drawn from all backgrounds, encourages innovation, improves productivity, and brings us closer to our customers.

Environmental Sustainability

In recent years, significant improvement in our energy consumption and the quality of our working environment has been achieved. We constantly monitor our performance in this regard. Targets are in place to reduce our energy consumption further to reduce waste, and to increase the waste that is recycled.


Product Safety and the safety of our employees is a paramount importance. We have effective management systems in place to keep the standards as high as reasonably practical, and retain our record of having no reportable incidents.

Community Involvement

Engaging with the communities local to our sites is a commitment that we made and have continued. OurĀ Community Involvement activities and contributions have been of benefit to many local institutions and educational establishments.

BAE Systems


BAE Systems Regional Aircraft
BAE Systems Regional Aircraft
BAE Systems Regional Aircraft
BAE Systems Regional Aircraft