Particular Risk Analysis

Our particular risk analysis service covers a range of aspects such as creation of detailed analysis of particular risks and identification of risks and threats. Please see below for a full list of services available.

Guidance on Requirements

  • Interpretation and guidance on certification requirements

Particular Risk Analysis

  • Creation of detailed analysis of particular risks
  • Identification of the risks and the aircraft impacts
  • Modelling of the threats
  • Identification of the mitigation design features
  • Analysis findings and conclusions
  • Demonstration of compliance with certification requirements

Whole Aircraft PRA Coverage:

  • Engine / APU Fire
  • High Energy Rotors
  • ¬†Leaking Fluids
  • Bird Strike
  • Tyre Burst
  • Wheel Rim Release
  • Flailing Shafts
  • ¬†Engine Non-Containment
  • Duct Rupture
  • Flammable Fluid Fire Protection
  • Sudden Decompression
  • Systems Crashworthiness

Customer Benefits

Access to safety engineers with wide experience on previous and current aircraft programmes

An essential element of your aircraft safety assessment conducted and managed on your behalf by experience CVE’s

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