Flight Test Equipment Design

Complete offload solution for flight test systems

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Our flight test equipment design covers a range of aspects such as provision of flight test equipment and supplier management. Please see below for a full list of services available.

Provision of Flight Test Equipment (FTE)

  • Provision of bespoke Electrical Load Banks, Variable Ballast System or Trailing Static Cone equipment for aircraft flight tests

Flight Test Equipment Design

  • Capture and management of FTE system requirements
  • Detailed design of Load banks, Variable Ballast or Trailing Cone systems
  • Design of aircraft structural and electrical interfaces
  • Design of operator consoles or control panels

Supplier Management

  • Supervision of major systems equipment suppliers
  • Vetting and approval of all supplier document deliverables
  • Management of supplier design reviews

Parts Manufacture and Testing

  • Manufacture of all structural hardware and electrical harnesses
  • Manufacture of controls and indications
  • Functional and performance testing of system prior to delivery

System Documentation

  • Provision of operating instructions and maintenance manuals

Customer Benefits

Complete “design, manufacture and supply” offload package for niche flight test systems

Access to team of specialists with recent experience in designing flight test equipment

BAE Systems

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