FADEC Integration and Certification Testing

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Our FADEC integration and certification testing service covers a range of aspects such as analysis of CFD, loads analysis and wind tunnel test analysis. Please see below for a full list of services available.

Qualification planning

  • Overall planning of a complete FADEC qualification programme, including safety analysis, rig testing and aircraft ground and flight testing
  • Validation and verification of all FADEC functional requirements, including allocation of these to test vehicles
  • Design and qualification of FADEC test rig, including engine and airframe simulation requirements, fault insertion, data monitoring and logging capabilities

Liaison with major stakeholders

  • Integration with engine manufacturer and avionics supplier
  • Inputs to other systems test activities, e.g. powerplant cooling, intake anti-icing etc.

Project management

  • Planning, scheduling and project management of all FADEC test activities
  • Administration of FADEC problem reporting and tracking system


  • Preparation of detailed FADEC test plans for rig, ground and flight tests
  • Running of all tests, including functional failure tests and regression tests of new FADEC software versions
  • Analysis and reporting of all test data
  • Provision of complete suite of FADEC qualification and certification documents

Customer Benefits

Access to an experienced team with detailed knowledge of FADEC certification requirements and test methods

The integration and certification of the FADEC, including liaison with engine supplier, managed on your behalf

BAE Systems

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