Certification Planning and Compliance

Prepare, Plan, Engage, Comply

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Our certification planning and compliance service covers a range of aspects such as planning and consultancy on certifications and engagement with certification authorities. Please see below for a full list of services available.

Preparation and Planning

  • Planning of a certification strategy and a route to certification
  • Consultancy on certification methods and procedures

Engagement with Certification Authority

  • Application for certification approval
  • Liaison and negotiation with authorities

Demonstration of Compliance

  • Determination of certification basis
  • Classification of changes
  • Preparation of compliance checklist
  • Preparation of certification documents
  • Use of Compliance Verification Engineers for document approval
  • Full product certification

Customer Benefits

Access to an EASA Part 21 approved design organisation with extensive experience of product certification and the planning and management of complex certification programmes

A range of certification activities conducted on your behalf, from discrete tasks through to management of an entire certification package

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