Aircraft Weights Optimisation

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Our aircraft weights optimisation service covers a range of aspects such as design, certification and operations. Please see below for a full list of services available.


  • Mass prediction estimation and aircraft sizing
  • Concept Weight and Loading Analysis
  • Mass Trade-off studies
  • Concept Mass Distribution & Inertias


  • Develop scheme and target weights from concept drawings
  • Detail weight control covering all ATA Chapters
  • Develop Weight Status Reports
  • Customer Service Bulletin Weight and Moment Data supplied


  • Aircraft Weighing
  • Flight test loadsheets
  • Weight and Balance Reports and Weighing Checklists
  • JAR / FAR / CS Part 23 and Part 25 Certification


  • In-service support
  • Modifications and Special Role Conversions
  • Civil Aerospace
  • Military Aerospace
  • Marine

Customer Benefits

Complete Weight and Balance control from project definition stage through to final certification

Effective Weight and Balance Control

Access to Weights engineers with extensive, whole aircraft weights knowledge on large aircraft.

BAE Systems

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