Aircraft Structural Analysis

Through Life Structural Integrity

Our aircraft structural analysis service covers a range of aspects such as design of engine mounting structure and layout of EBU. Please see below for a full list of services available.

Airframe Loads

  • Requirements management including interpretation of guidance material
  • Method development and validation
  • Calculation of external loads on airframe due to gusts, manoeuvres, landing and ground loads

Static Stress Analysis

  • Finite Element Analysis – internal load distribution and detailed stress analysis
  • Traditional hand calculations – manuals and handbook methods
  • Validation test definition and interpretation
  • Writing compliance statements and CVE review

Fatigue and Damage Tolerance

  • Fatigue (S-N) and damage tolerance analysis in support of CS 25.571 etc.
  • Industry standard and bespoke in-house toolsets
  • Definition of initial and detectable defect sizes, crack growth leading to inspection schedule
  • NDT techniques preparation
  • Maintenance planning – optimisation of inspection requirements
  • Writing compliance statements and CVE review


  • New Aircraft Programmes
  • Life Extension Programmes
  • Special Role Converions
  • Minor Modifications and Repairs

Customer Benefits

Experience, well established OEM with a full range of capabilities

Industry standard and in-house toolsets, validated for use on airframe certification programmes

Analysis and test programmes managed to meet your deadlines

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