Aircraft Stability Control and Handling Qualities

Design, Analyse, Assess

Aircraft Stability Control and Handling Qualities - feature sized

Our aircraft stability control and handling qualities service covers a range of aspects such as analysis of CFD, loads analysis and wind tunnel test analysis. Please see below for a full list of services available.

Design for Handling Qualities

  • Requirements management including interpretation of guidance material
  • Preliminary configuration design (tail and fin sizing, wing positioning, control surface sizing)
  • Method development and validation
  • Detailed design of configuration and flying controls
  • Development of empirical, analytical and CFD models
  • Definition, conduction and analysis of wind tunnel test

Stability and Control Analysis

  • Stability and control dataset preparation from CFD, wind tunnel data and other sources
  • Dynamic simulation of aircraft characteristics e.g. BAE Systems Design Simulator, Matlab, Simulink

Handling Qualities Assessment

  • Flight test instrumentation specification
  • Definition, support, analysis and reporting for development and certification flight test programmes
  • JAR / FAR / CS Part 23 and Part 25 handling qualities certification support
  • AFM / FCOM / crew manual text production and vetting
  • Certification authority discussions
  • In-service support


  • New aircraft programmes
  • Special role conversions
  • External modifications

Customer Benefits

Experienced, well establish OEM with a full range of capabilities.

Certification test and analysis programmes managed to meet your deadlines.

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