Aerodynamic Design and Analysis

End-to-end service in the assessment of Aerodynamic Design

Aerodynamic Design and Analysis

Services Offered

BAE Systems Regional Aircraft have experienced Engineers offering detailed assessment of aircraft aerodynamic design. From the definition of our customer requirements, we optimise the design for new aircraft programmes, provide performance enhancements for current aircraft, and role conversions. We look at aerodynamic design from the conceptual level, providing initial drag estimation, assessment of powerplant and selection, aircraft layout and sizing for performance, preliminary performance modelling, route studies, and optimisation of configuration.

Using ANSYS CFD, we can analyse initial designs and modifications to assess implications on Aerodynamics, validated through use of Wind Tunnel testing and analysis. We have experience in aircraft performance modelling and development of data for aircraft flight manuals.

Customer Benefits

Well established performance team offering one stop end-to-end service.

Confidence based on well proven engineering toolsets and methods.

Optimised design for performance to maximise aircraft marketability.

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