Aircraft Conversions

Integrated solutions to meet your requirements

We deliver managed and integrated upgrades and aircraft conversions solutions to meet your changing airline or special mission role aircraft requirements so you can maximise revenue from improved functionality, performance and asset value.

Our DOA and 70 years of whole aircraft knowledge and experience and over 1000 changes delivered on our own and other aircraft types, demonstrates a capability to tailor cost effect solutions to meet your needs.

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  • Project Management
  • Solution Development
  • Platform performance
  • Airframe structures
  • Mission systems equipment
  • Interior including HMI
  • Flight test instrumentation
  • Supply chain and manufacture management
  • P145 conversion management
  • Test and Validation
  • Certification and Acceptance
  • Training and through life support

BAe 146/Avro RJ Versatility (Civillian market) brochure Reference – pwk_0746

Versatility Military

BAe 146/Avro RJ Versatility
(Military market) brochure
Reference – pwk_0741

Versatility Military

RJ Freighter brochure
Reference – pwk_0779

Versatility Military

RJ Utility with Versatility leaflet
Reference – pwk_0802

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