Welcome to BAE Systems Regional Aircraft

The Complete Aircraft Engineering Service and Capability Provider.

BAE Systems Regional Aircraft Provide Complete Aircraft Engineering Services from Nose to Tail.

BAE Systems Regional Aircraft is one of the few companies to offer a complete aircraft parts and maintenance support and a complete commercial aircraft engineering design and capability service.

With a long established capability in aircraft engineering design and development, our engineering expertise makes us one of the few companies able to offer total support to new or existing airlines, whatever their fleet size or location. Our aircraft engineering services cover both OEM and non-OEM aircraft types and we have a history of working with other third-party aircraft operators to help design and develop first class aircraft engineering solutions.

Furthermore, we have a broad portfolio of engagement across Civil and Military aerospace and other sectors such as marine, delivering cutting-edge design and aircraft engineering services with capabilities honed on international programmes.

Our engineering services covers a wide range of solutions for aircraft operators such as Structural Analysis, Aerodynamic Loads Analysis and Entire Aircraft Design Solutions.

BAE Systems Regional Aircraft are the Type Certificate holder for five OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) aircraft variants: Jetstream 31/32, Jetstream 41, ATP, HS748 and BAe 146/Avro RJ families. We have whole aircraft design capability and provide integrated aerospace solutions to other OEMs and third parties.

We are part of the BAE Systems group and operate with around 220 staff covering many disciplines such as aircraft engineering, aircraft modifications and flight safety. We provide services and solutions to over 650 in-service aircraft operated by over 190 customers in 80 countries*.

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*Includes all customers, aircraft types and locations